Monday, 18 December 2017

Kerala Online Land Records in

Check Kerala Land Record in online at Kerala revenue department is 2 types, 1) Survey Department and 2) Land revenue department.

So you can get this info on Kerala Online Land Record at, in, survey department is oldest in Kerala it is done complete survey of whole state responsibility. Land Records is a arrangement which keeps all information records of all type of particulars of ownership of land etc.

Land Revenue Department of Kerala has maintained all legal lands info in online, Kerala Online Land Record info is as follows
  • Survey Number,
  • Name of Owner,
  • Area of Property,
  • Name of property,
  • Address of Owner,
  • Kind of Possession,
  • Type of crop etc…
Land owner or farmer can confirm their land records info after checking in online, if you found mistakes visit any of the Survey and Land record office.

Get Kerala Online Land Record in and other info about Kerala Online Land Record like
  •  Revenue department maintains and update the land records
  •  Custody of land for public purpose
  •  Revenue Department also help in land mutation process
  •  Transfer of government lands between departments
  •  Survey of land on regularly basis.
Kerala Online Land Record in only the purpose is in digitized manner only, The purpose to launch this project is to generate digital land records in online.

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