Monday, 18 December 2017

Haryana webland records Jamabandi Nakals at

Jamabandi website of Haryana webland records document Nakals…
Haryana Revenue Department providing updated land records at This website has been developed to help public to access official land record of Haryana. Now people can now view details of Documents like Registration, Mutation and Jamabandi available in web. People can view sanctioned mutations and jamabandi of any land in Haryana using Owner name, khewat number and khasra numbers in web. Haryana webland site also provides information about property registration and necessary documents required for it.

All documents can search by district Tehsil or sub tehsil village wise land records. Search of registered deeds status, land mutation enquiry is also possible. Jamabandi website webland records such as property registration, Jamabandi nakals, Mutation query Revenue collection, government registers are placed to public.
Farmers land details of land mutation and Jamabandi Nakals are well organized out of all. Let’s peek whats there in
1. Property registration:
In property registration options search and data as following available.
  • Property check list for title deed registration
  • Collector rates for property registration
  • DEED templates scribes by government.
  • Deed appointment availability
  • Check list of registered deeds
  • List of controlled areas and urban areas in Haryana jamabandi.
2. Jamabandi Nakals:
Jamabandi Nakals also called as document duplicate copy. Nakals once obtained in online webland search are not valid. They are for public reference of their data. Certification of Nakals need to be done at TEHSIL office or SUB TEHSIL office.
How to search and download Jamabandi Nakals?
    • Visit and select Menu “JAMABANDI NAKAL”.
    • Give your district, tehsil or sub-tehsil office (SRO OFFICE)
    • Select Village and click submit button.
3. Farmers web land mutation search:
Mutation orders of lands are also placed in
How to search Land mutations:
  • Select mutation tab in jamabandi website.
  • Give details of Tehsil, Village, Mutation no, Source & mutation type, date of mutation.
  • Give captch code correctly. Click submit button.

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